This page lists code I've developed as well as websites or tutorials that I've found helpful.

SAS Macros

I've compiled some of the SAS macros that I use frequently into a Github repo. The code is self documenting. To include the main set of macros use the following command: %INCLUDE("path to MACROS.SAS");. »

SEC EDGAR in Python

I added code I use to interact with the SEC's EDGAR website to Github. The code includes a runnable module to download the last 90 days of EDGAR files to a local cache (python -m It also includes utilities to interact with the files and headers, located in pyedgar.utilities. »

My SAS Coding Blog

I blog about some of the SAS tips/tricks/code snippets that I have developed. I update the blog rarely, typically only when I'm working in SAS full time. »

Random Example Code Snippets

I use gists to store random code snippets. Here are a few that may be helpful.