Maclean Gaulin Professional Resume




I am an empirical archival researcher in Accounting with a background in electrical engineering.

I specialize in data manipulation and analysis primarily in SAS and Python. I am familiar with the core features of SAS and frequently use the scientific toolchain in Jupyter, namely numpy, scipy, pandas, statsmodels, and scikit-learn.


Rice University, Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Houston, TX USA

Ph.D in Accounting (2011-2017)

Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, Terre Haute, IN. (2003–2007)

B.S. Electrical Engineering (Magna cum-laude), Minor Economics


Data Analysis

I have broad data-analysis experience with Python, MATLAB, SAS, STATA and SQL. Prior to my doctoral studies, I did extensive vision-based analysis and control in LabVIEW.

Software Development

My work experience includes software development projects that range from small scripts to GUI programs to distributed software architecture. Currently, I focus on data analysis, both algorithm development and data cleaning. I develop interchangably and regulary on Ubuntu, Windows, and OSX.


pyedgar:Library for downloading and parsing EDGAR Filings from SEC. Github
reslib:Library for organizing research projects and basic utilities. Github

Work Experience

Assistant Professor of Accounting - David Eccles School of Business, University of Utah - 2017 - Present

Teaching: Managerial Accounting

Graduate Researcher - Rice University - 2011–2017

Research Assistant to Karen Nelson, Brian Akins

Overview: Collected and analyzed structured and unstructured data from various sources.

Skills used: Econometrics, textual information extraction, natural language processing, Python, STATA, SAS.

Application Engineer - Graftek Imaging - 2010–2011

Overview: Developed products for vision inspection and control systems, both on a team and independently.

Skills used: LabVIEW, Python, HTML/CSS/JS

Application Engineer/Field Sales Engineer - National Instruments - 2007–2009

Overview: Worked in application engineering on technical support and proof of concept project development. Responsible for field sales, territory covered Northern Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.

Skills used: LabVIEW, C++, Visual Studio

Application Engineer - Freescale Semiconductor - 2004-2006

Overview: Summer Intern for three summers with three distinct projects:

2006: Developed GUI front-end and network back-end to provide interface to DINK BIOS for conference display of new motherboard/chip demonstrations. GUI was modular and used simple XML configurations to support future chips and firmware functionality. (Skills: Java, SwingUI, C++, Networking, XML, Python)

2005: Developed vector based routing algorithms to demonstrate application improvements of new AltiVec hardware in PowerPC. (Skills: C++, assembly, gcc)

2004: Designed document tracking database by collecting requirements from PowerPC document team. Developed back-end database and programmed front end UI for use by team of ~12. (Skills: FileMaker)

Undergraduate Researcher - Rose Hulman Ventures - 2006–2007

Overview: Designed IR/ultrasonic distance sensor for startup robotics company. In a team of two, built and tested multiple revisions of robot prototype.

Skills used: Cadence circuit design and simulation, soldering and assembly

Undergraduate Researcher - Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, 2005–2007

Supervised by Dr. Tina Hudson

Overview: Designed and sent to fabrication, a feedback circuitry for a sarcomere simulating IC designed originally by Professor Hudson.

Skills used: Cadence mask layout and simulation packages, VLSI design

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